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Please leave a message and Sophie will get back to you, probably once she's finished with school for the day.
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[Sophie is not supposed to leave the property of House 34 on her own. This is a very well established rule. And normally, she's pretty good about following it.

But after being sick for a week and stuck inside, she has a serious case of cabin fever. And she knows exactly how to cure it.

Anyone on the way between House 34 and the Battle Dome is thus certain to encounter an unusual sight. Wearing a tiny ninja outfit, a fearsome mask, and boxing gloves on her hands, Sophie is all set to fight off all kinds of bad guys.

...Just as soon as she figures out how to make the simulations work.]

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Jun. 9th, 2014 11:21 pm
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[ Good day, Luceti! We hope you're ready for a break from all the awful things that have been happening, because you're going to be getting one regardless.

Today, when Sophie’s journal turns on, viewers will be treated to the sight of a makeshift stage. The stage is actually probably a porch somewhere, but two someones appear to have tried to make it look like a proper stage, moving things around and using larger pieces of paper to draw out a scenery in crayon. It looks as though it’s meant to be some sort of fantasy setting.

That’s even easier to confirm when Ikki steps back from setting up the journal to join Sophie on the stage. Sophie’s wearing a winter cap that fastens under her chin for some reason, and she has a long stick tied to her waist with a scrap of string, while Ikki seems to be in some sort of fancy dress of her own - with a tree branch that may or may not be meant to be a magic wand? Maybe listening to what they have to say will explain it.

It’s going to have to explain why they have several animals in equally ridiculous costume - not only Soren, who has what appears to be a cap with rolled-up paper horns on it (what), but another large bird - Ques - and Momo, who may or may not be there under apple slice bribery (hint, he is). ]

Hi. [ Sophie waves. ]

Hey! [ Ikki waves as well, beaming. ] Okay, soooo, we have a show to put on today! It’s short, so don’t complain or anything - and we worked hard on it! [ Partly because she thought Sophie could use the distraction and because Ikki could as well, but...Ikki’s tone abruptly goes dramatic. ] Once upon a time, long ago, there was a princess knight! [ Sophie pulls her sword from her string-belt and holds it up on cue. ] We’re going to show you a scene from her many, many adventures because showing all of them would take too long.

And there’s a [ Wait what had Ikki called herself again?] wizard. [She points at Ikki with her sword. ] She did lots of cool stuff too.

I helped out the princess-knight. [ PROUDLY...What have you two been running around doing all this time...? ] - Anyway. Today the princess knight has to face...dragons! [ Not that Ikki has anything against dragons, but it’s a thing that happens in fairy tale stories. Apparently all the animals are...supposed to be dragons? Maybe. Their haphazard costumes seem to imply it, as does Ikki’s dramatic gesturing. ]

Really big ones. They’re supposed to be bigger. [ Sophie wants this to be absolutely clear. She’s not fighting no second-rate dragons, after all. ]

We couldn’t get properly big ones. I mean, we could have gotten Appa, but he’s kinda sleepy today, so. [ OH WELL... ] So for the purposes of this story, they’re as big as HOUSES, okay? [ They’re getting sidetracked... ] So...Long ago, the princess knight was going to fight dragons to save the baby - [ Oh, Momo isn’t a dragon. APPARENTLY MOMO IS A BABY? Okay. ] And the wizard gave her the quest and...go! [ Is that really how you start a play, guys. But okay. ]

[ Sophie strikes a pose, facing the camera. ] I’m gonna fight the dragons now. [ She turns to address Soren and Ques. ] Because I’m the princess knight!


[ She starts waving her stick around in what’s clearly supposed to be a very impressive knightly style. Take that!

Ques hops back a pace or two and makes a “kwark” sound. He does not like this stick, no he does not. Soren, meanwhile, gamely raises into the air and flaps his wings, blowing a gentle gust of wind at Sophie. Weird children’s games are apparently okay with him, and he gets a cool role so whatever!

Off to the side, Ikki raises her arms dramatically again - and then carefully sends a thread of wind towards where Sophie waves her sword, to push Soren back a little bit; it’s obvious that Soren could have dodged, but he (dramatically) lands and...flops over. Soren, that’s horrible acting. Momo, who had been on Ques’ shoulders, scurries down to check on the Pokemon.

Sophie looks a bit surprised--she sort of knew that was going to happen but they hadn’t rehearsed it exactly or anything--but then she recovers. ]

Yeah! Now take that, other dragon!

[ She swishes her sword about with way more enthusiasm, which doesn’t do much for Ques’ peace of mind. He “kwarks” again and flaps his wings about. Given he’s a nearly five-foot bird, that rather disturbs the set a bit.

Sophie pauses to set her hands on her hips. ]
Ques, you’re not supposed to do that!

[ Ikki very helpfully dissolves into giggles, before trying to put back on her professional wizardy expression. ] We’re going to - um, we have to take a small break for...fixing the set. Sorry!

[ Sophie completely fails to think of covering up the journal camera, so enjoy the view of two little girls trying to right their set, everyone.

As she’s trying to get things back together, Sophie whispers (loudly) to Ikki: ]
Do you think Ques has been beaten?

Well, you scolded him. I think that counts. [ At the lofty age of eight - nearly nine!! - Ikki speaks with pure authority. ...Sort of. ] Right?

Okay. [ She turns back to Ques. ] You’re beaten. Go away.

[ Ques certainly isn’t going to argue with that. Enjoy the extreme close-up of a large bird wandering past the camera, Luceti.

Momo, like Soren, at least knows his part. He stops poking the Pokemon, races over to run up Sophie’s side and onto her shoulder, and waits. Ikki digs out an apple slice to discretely hand over. ]

...And then the princess knight save the day! [ Now they should probably bow WELL DONE... ]

[ Sophie raises her sword. She likes having the spotlight, but, to be fair.... ] And the wizard.

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[Sophie has lived all her life in Luceti, so it isn't as though she's not used to weird happenings. At the same time, though, you have to admit that it's a little surprising to wake up wearing something you definitely didn't have on when you went to bed last night.

Now, normally Sophie would just ask one of her family in House 34 what the heck is going on, but it's still pretty early and she's been told a few times not to make a lot of noise before everyone is up. But hey, no problem: she left her journal on the floor beside her bed last night.

So she clambers out of bed, and dressed in the jacket and a pair of pyjama bottoms with little yellow duckies on them (it's the height of fashion), she opens up her journal.]

What's this?
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[It's been a little bit turbulent in House 34 lately. Recently, one Sophie Coolidge had been informed by one Fenimore Xelhes that this year, for the very first time, she will be going to school.

This news had not been met with great cheer. However, since school wasn't starting until Monday and that was forever away, the discussion on the matter was manageable.

Now that school is imminent, the discussion is less manageable.]

I don't wanna go to school! Why do I gotta go to school?

I don't wanna go!

[Given Fenimore didn't receive the most extensive of educations, her explanation as to why school is a good idea may have been a little...lacking.

Would anyone care to fill in a few gaps?]
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[Things have been weird in Luceti lately, but so what else is new? Sophie has lived here all her life, so things like possession are barely worth a blink to her. In fact, there's only one thing about the last few days that's worth remarking upon, as far as she's concerned:

Nobody has been taking her out to play.

As far as she's concerned, she's been more than patient. She's stuck to the house and the yard the way she's supposed to, but enough is enough.

And so, at a moment when no one is paying attention to her, Sophie gets out her journal, plops down on the floor with it, and opens it.]

I wanna go to the playground.

["Could somebody please take me?" is probably what she should add to that, but she's already used plenty of words. She doesn't need to add more. :|]
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[We interrupt your scheduled broadcast for this special announcement. And by "special announcement," we mean "curious four-year-old."

Someone has left a journal in Sophie's room, and this immediately becomes a point of interest. The only person in House 34 who occasionally leaves her journal lying around is Gee Girl; everyone else keeps theirs well out of her hands. As far as Sophie is concerned, this is extremely unfair. She wants to play with the journal, too--and now she has her chance!

The first thing everyone will see is the following, written in orange crayon:

A moment later, there should be some rattling noises as Sophie smacks her hand down on the audio button, then proceeds to pick up the journal and look at it.]

Hi. Hi!

[Well, that didn't do anything. There's a loud "THUMP" as Sophie drops the journal on the floor again. A few more scuffling sounds, and she smushes the video button. You now have a bright-eyed little girl with white hair staring down at you inquisitively for a beat or two. Then a small hand gets larger...smaller...larger...smaller in the camera view.

Sophie smiles.

Then she gets up and wanders off, leaving the camera to stop recording on its own.

That was fun.]


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